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Sliding Doorclosers

Sliding Doorclosers are available in 4 models which are able to close doors with openings from 900mm to 1200mm. They have  "Back Check", "Delayed Action" and 2 independent speed settings. All steel components are zinc plated and then electrostatically colour coated in 4 popular colours: White, Beige, Brown and Silver.

Delayed Closing allows the door to remain open for a preset period of time before closing at an adjustable speed. Such a system will allow people in wheelchairs or the elderly to get through the door before it starts to close. This is also useful in areas where trolleys are used.

The Back Check action provides resistance within the door closer to prevent the door leaf from being thrown open . This prevents damage to the door, door frame and door handles caused by people kicking or throwing the door open and also by the door being violently blown open by the wind. The angle and resistance of the back check can be varied according to your requirements.